WAXAPPLES are: Marcus Irvin, Jamie Sims Coakley, Brian Coakley, and James Grissom

WAXAPPLES, Glitter & Grime is about great songs, top-notch production and the idea that great music should convey emotion.

Made and released by husband and wife team, Brian and Jamie Coakley, through their own record label, Nadine Records, G&G is the most polished, ambitious, and accessible of the bands three records.

Musically, Glitter & Grime has an overall roots rock/punk vibe with experiments in sugar pop and even bits of bluegrass. Despite the genre jumping, G&G maintains a cohesiveness through the uniqueness of Brian and Jamie’s sharing of lead vocals, Brian’s inspired guitar riffs/leads, and a genuine love affair with classic pop song structures.

WAXAPPLES live “outside the box” and in response to a turbulent music marketplace, they created a special “Honorary Executive Production” (HEP) membership drive, utilizing their fan base to help fund the making of the album, raising 70% of production costs!

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Glitter & Grime


House of Wax


In the Beginning





Also, WAXAPPLES and Nadine Records, in association with United Front produced an accompanying documentary So Close, So Far which comes as a bonus DVD when you buy G&G, and which follows The Coakley’s through the process of making and releasing the record. So Close, So Far gives a refreshingly honest and exposed look into what it takes, emotionally and technically, to make and release music DIY style in the “real” world.

Great music is getting harder and harder to find and great musician stories even harder, but this husband and wife from Long Beach, California continue to over come the obstacles and succeed year after year to create, produce and release quality music that crosses genres and demographics, inspiring those looking for inspiration with their tenacity, talent, and damn good music.

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