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Brian and I established the original Nadine Records in 2004 to release our band WAXAPPLES music. We named our newly formed independent label after our favorite auntie, Nadine McMorries, who had recently passed away from breast cancer. Nadine was a tireless supporter of Brian and I pursuing lives full of music and art and so naming our label in her honor seemed only fitting.


Since then, Nadine Records (now Nadine Records Media) has grown into a production company who's achievements include a feature length music documentary Cadillac Tramps, Life On The Edge, as well as 4 full length albums from WAXAPPLES, 2 double albums from the Cadillac Tramps, and one full length album, plus pop up art installation for intersecting(LA)! 

Always on the cutting edge of DIY, Nadine Records Media embraces technology and creativity to empower artists to tell the stories they are most passionate about.  


To that end, we are expanding our brand into a direct distribution hub with Generation X in mind.  Curating music, art, books, movies and merchandise that speaks to and appeals to what we feel is the most underrated and under represented generation around.  There are so many talented GenXers who have committed their lives to their art and are at the top of their game.  The mainstream might not be the right fit, but Nadine Records Media is!


We are striving to create an on line space that feels like a club house.  A place you can drop in, hang out and discover something to feed your soul.  We sincerely hope it inspires, comforts, enlightens and represents our diversity as well and our commonalities.  An old school "Independent Record Store" in cyberspace.  


Thanks for stopping by!  We are happy to see you!

xo  Jamie and Brian Coakley

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