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Welcome To The Queen Bee Collective!

Frustrated by the lack of representation in the media and online by GenX females, we decided to make a place here for our voices to be heard.  We have so much RAD stuff to share with the world as we come into our own as successful, wise, powerful women who work, raise kids, care for parents, create art, dream, lead, get strong and LOVE!  Although our Blog Collective is by GenX women, everyone is welcome and we hope by reading our musings on life, you will find inspiration, comfort, camaraderie, and even be entertained! 

Below is a bit of information about our contributors.  


Juliet DeWal, Canada

Age: 45

Sign: Sagittarius

Right Handed

Juliet is an accomplished writer, photographer and human.  Having written and published a series of novels (Stone Heart Series).  She is currently keeping busy with her writing, working with eldercare or more than likely, out and about the wilds of Canada with her camera in tow. 


MaryJane Huenergardt, Grass Valley, CA

Age: 41

Sign: Gemini

Very Right Handed

Six years ago, my husband and I, both near-lifelong "city dwellers," decided to yank our young family from the suburbia we'd recently entered and move to a rural community in the Western Sierra Foothills. We have three amazing daughters growing up amidst natural beauty, and we enjoy the occasional adventure outside of the bubble. I enjoy adding humorous twists to over philosophizing, so expect my writing to be ...ummm... like that.

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