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Welcome to the Video Collective!

Over the last 20 years of making video content for our band, and then diving head first into the world of feature length documentary films, we have developed a passion and love for using "film" as a vehicle for telling all kinds of stories.  It combines all the things we love: music, visuals, crafting stories and puts them in one place.  Here we will feature our past and present offerings as well as content being generated by our talented friends!

WAXAPPLES "So Close, So Far" Directed by Michael W. Abbott

What's started out as a need to fulfill a publishing deal, WAXAPPLES turned into an eight year, three album project.  Playing with Social Distortion, X and the Violent Femmes cemented WAXAPPLES as a great Orange County rock and roll band and created a legacy that lives on today.  In the short rocumentary "So Close, So Far" director Michael W. Abbott takes an intimate look on the trials and triumphs of Brian and Jamie Coakley and their band as they try to navigate the music business during a time of the great digital revolution, while maintaining their marriage and family.  It's a story of GenXer working hard to balance their commitment to creative lives all while keeping the lights on.

Cadillac Tramps "Life On The Edge" Directed by Jamie Sims Coakley

The 1990's were the "Golden Age" of the Orange County California music scene. Bands like The Offspring, No Doubt, Sugar Ray and Social Distortion were blowing up the mainstream and selling millions of records around the world. Meanwhile, the undisputed king's of that scene, The Cadillac Tramps, were falling apart.  

Infighting, addiction, frustration and dysfunction would tear the band apart at the peak of their success, but their bond would prove too strong to remain broken for long.

The Cadillac Tramps: Life On The Edge is a humble, honest and entertaining look at how five young men who found each other in sobriety, created a lasting 

musical legacy that influenced Indie Rocks biggest bands and overcame the past to support lead singer Michael "Gabby" Gaborno as he fights for his life from the ravages of Hep-C.


First time filmmaker, Jamie Sims Coakley,  expertly weaves a colorful combination of archival footage, insightful artist interviews and intimate verite footage together into an arresting, heartwarming and cautionary tale of brotherhood, reflection and the power of music to heal and unite us.