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Welcome To The Music Collective!

We have met so many talented friends over the 30+ years we have been making music, and have been members of some really amazing bands as well! We thought it would be cool to make a place to showcase our past and present work, as well as feature musicians we know and love!  Gen X has been practicing their art for a long time and have come into their own as masters of their craft.  Take a look around and see if you find something that makes your soul stir or your feet tap!

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Michael "Gabby" Gaborno and Jon Wickersham met in rehab in 1987 and formed the Cadillac Tramps, a band that would prove to be one of the most influential and important band out of Orange County.  They had their ups and downs over their 30 years together (ending in 2017 with the death of Gabby) but they left the world a feature length documentary about their story as well as a double album of their most beloved tracks.


Meet the 

Cadillac Tramps

Cadillac Tramps Music


Frank Meyer


Known for rockin’ my balls off on vocals and guitar with The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Blind House, James Williamson, and Thor, I have generally been associated with rock ‘n’ roll, punk and heavy metal music. But this new solo material shows a power-poppier, new wavier side to me that has always bubbled under the surface. You can also check out my writing work as an author (On The Road with The Ramones, Diaper Dude, From Dude To Dad) and filmmaker (Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith, I Am Thor). Enjoy the madness.

Frank Meyer

Originally formed in 1999 by husband and wife Brian & Jamie Coakley to fulfill a publishing deal, WAXAPPLES (Brian Coakley, Jamie Coakley, Marcus Irvin & James Grissom) went on to release 3 full length albums, a short rockucumentary (So Close, So Far) and were featured regulars on the Dickie Barrett morning show on Indie 103.1) and played with X, Social Distortion, The Violent Femmes and The B52's along with many other fine bands. They pioneered crowd funding for albums before Kickstarter existed and "viral" videos for online marketing way back in 2006! They retired the band in 2009 but occasionally reunite.



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