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Change is Sacred by Jamie Sims Coakley

As you can see the format of the home page has changed a bit, with few artist features but more content on each. We wanted to streamline the user experience by minimizing "clicks" and also we decided that publishing 4 artists a month is a bit much for us, as we are doing it all by ourselves, and so we have pared it down to TWO main artists but reserve the right to add content if it comes up throughout the month or as our budget grows and we can hire some help, we might add content as well!

When we started brainstorming the built out of NRM way back in February of this year, we knew there would need to be shifts and adjustments along the way. That some things would go perfectly smooth and others would be a challenge, and that some things that seemed like a good idea in our creative minds, would turn out to be less rad in real life.

All of those things have come to pass and we are gonna play around a bit here and tweak things until we have it just right.

If you have any questions for comments, please feel free to leave them here. We are hoping you are enjoying meeting our "Featured Artists" as much as we are enjoying sharing them with you!

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