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Welcome To The New and Improved Nadine Records Media!

We are so excited to begin the process of rolling out our new multi-media, direct distribution site ala your favorite independent records store back in the day. Because we ARE Generation X (and damn proud of it) we wanted to tailor our content to reflect the strength, creativity, ingenuity and complexity of America's most under appreciated generation.

Gen Xers have been kicking ass and taking names since our parents got divorced and Mom went to work. We are responsible for ourselves, our kids, and often our parents. We want work/life balance and are the generation that gets both analog and digital. We respect our elders and also know when to give the Man the middle finger. We care about the future and are not afraid to put our money (and we have a good share of it) where our mouths are. We have been marketed to our whole lives since T.V. was our main babysitter and we can smell a poser a mile away. We are not suckers.

Yeah, we might have suddenly found ourselves middle aged, but that doesn't mean we don't still love to go to punk rock shows or wear Doc Martin's, or shave the side of our heads and pierce our noses. Pink hair at 45? Why the hell not? And really, we are not getting old, we are just getting our second wind. Look at Wynona Rider or Keanu Reeves or Pearl Jam!

Actually, we are pretty damn rad and it's high time we had a place to call our online home. Curated with us in mind. Some place that feels familiar. Someplace safe. Someplace like Cheers. You know, cause sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came.

So welcome to Nadine Records Media. Look around, find some inspiration, become a member of the fan club if you like and connect with other Gen Xers who share your affinity for art, music, movies, inspiration and community!

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