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New Year! Whoohooo!

We made it back from France and have had a bumpy reentry, with me catching whatever nastiness was going around and spending the better part of the last week and half in bed. I did manage to drag myself out to make marmalade and french bread (in an attempt to stave off PPD (post Paris depression), alas, it has not worked. We learned a lot (well I did) while we were on our break. Here are a few of the most important take aways:

1. We work too much.

2. The food we eat is shit.

3. We don't walk enough.

4. Long lasting peace is a blessing.

5. There is nothing better than a long walk holding hands with someone you love.

6. To be creative, you must make time and space for inspirational people, places and


7. No one is getting any younger.

So, here is what we are gonna do about it.

1. We are streamlining our delivery schedule. We will still feature artists in the four core areas; film, literature, music, and art...however we will not be featuring one in every category, every month, but rather one a month, with the occasional sidetracked month where we do whatever we are inspired to do, or nothing at all but recharge.

2. We are going to do away with the merchandise portion of NRM, with the exception of a few staple Cadillac Tramps items and a possible build out one or twice a year for limited time so you can stock up on your favorite Cadillac Tramps merch. Instead we are going to add a contribute button where you can act as benefactors of sorts. You like the content and have an extra $5/$50/$1000 laying around and want to support our mission and keep the site live and producing content, you can make a contribution! It frees up time for us to spend actually making content which features awesome, inspiring people, and it is MUCH better for the environment we all care so much about. There was just no way to print/ship t-shirts in a way that was dirty as hell without costing WAY too much per shirt and making any profit off the sales of shirts, possible. We thank you in advance for any and all support you can share with us.

3. Although we love the internet, we definitely have always wanted Nadine Records Media to be able to facilitate socialization in person! We want to find ways to connect our fans with the artists we feature and share positivity and inspiration. To that end we are in planning stages of a "Salon" engagement where we can all come together and meet in person and engage in a conversation about creativity and it's fundamental importance to our health, happiness and prosperity as individual humans, as well as healthy societies. So keep on the look out for your invite and announcements about the event coming soon and which we hope to turn into quarterly happenings where all are welcome.

4. Lest you think I have been slacking off, I am currently cutting two music videos for release in the next few weeks as well as beginning production on our February Featured Writer, Comic book author and co-owner of Long Beach's brand new comic book store, Atomic Basement Comics in the Arts District DTLB, Mike Wellman! Atomic Basement will be celebrating their grand opening this Saturday from Noon-3pm. I will be there covering the event for the mini-doc we are doing on Mike so come down and check out the store and say hi! 400 E. 3rd Street, Long Beach, CA 90802

Ok. That's all for now! TTYS

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