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The challenges of running an AntiRacist Book Club in 2020!

Hello All!

Hope this finds you well in this crazy time.

So...real talk, I have not been getting ANY feedback from my book club members INCLUDING no one showing up to our first Zoom meet up! =)

I am not judging. Reading books is hard and reading books that challenge your basic ideas of yourself and your nation, some of which are quite long, is even harder!

I have, however continued in my own pursuit of a better understanding of "the issue of race" in America (even though I am behind in my reading of our second book "Stamped From The Beginning" which is EXCELLENT btw, HIGHLY recommend).

I want to put it out there that I absolutely understand all the emotions, issues you might be having with regards to being part of an Antiracist Book Club, with all that is going on around us, and I also want to affirm that I am here to talk about it, whatever "it" is, if you would like. I am not going to keep emailing, doing Zoom meet ups for those who signed up, AND I am going to keep going myself! I should have "Stamped From The Beginning" done by the end of September (reading a chapter a night) and then will move on to the final book. Please feel free to join me however you are comfortable and again, if you want to discuss what your are uncovering and discovering on your own journey, I am here!

O.K. I think that is all for now. All the best of life to you and yours.



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