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Welcome to the Video Collective!

Over the last 20 years of making video content for our band, and then diving head first into the world of feature length documentary films, we have developed a passion and love for using "film" as a vehicle for telling all kinds of stories.  It combines all the things we love: music, visuals, crafting stories and puts them in one place.  Here we will feature our past and present offerings as well as content being generated by our talented friends!


Featured Video:

Bon Amour

(Reasons To Live)

If you are struggling with depression, there are always reasons to live.  Please reach out.  Your life is important and I promise it matters a lot more than you think, to way more people than you could imagine.  In Memory of Tim Tori.  I love you, always.  



Featured Artist: Carmen Rimple

We first met Carmen and her husband Steve when they supported our 2011 Kickstarter for intersecting(LA).  A few years later, while filming the Cadillac Tramps "Life On The Edge", we finally got to meet them in person and have become not only great friends, but also, BIG fan's of them both.  Check out Carmen's amazing art here!


Featured Musician:

Frank Meyer

We are so excited to introduce Frank Meyer to you!  An amazing song writer, guitar player, performer and all around nice guy.  We are blessed to have three new solo tracks for his EXCLUSIVE to Nadine Records Media for this month! Get them while they are here as like life, content and merchandise here is fleeting!

TREX white.jpg

Featured Comic:

Leah Gallagher

Brian and I met Leah while we were playing in WAXAPPLES. She became a die hard fan who came to every show and we soon became friends.  Over the years we watched her grow and go through the birth of her daughter the death of her husband.  Rather than letting that tragic event ruin her, she took the experience and turned it into a determination to live her life to the fullest, which for her meant going for her life long dream of being a stand up comedian.


Featured Artist: A.J. Ransdell

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, A.J. has been a staple of the SoCal music scene with his band Das Klown. Despite having his hand amputated (and re-attached many years ago)  A.J. decided to face his fears and turn his attention to art.   His creativity and unpretentious approach to painting have earned him admiration and respect among the local community of musicians and artists and we are proud to feature him as our November Artist! 


WAXAPPLES "So Close, So Far" Directed by Michael W. Abbott

What's started out as a need to fulfill a publishing deal, WAXAPPLES turned into an eight year, three album project.  Playing with Social Distortion, X and the Violent Femmes cemented WAXAPPLES as a great Orange County rock and roll band and created a legacy that lives on today.  In the short rocumentary "So Close, So Far" director Michael W. Abbott takes an intimate look on the trials and triumphs of Brian and Jamie Coakley and their band as they try to navigate the music business during a time of the great digital revolution, while maintaining their marriage and family.  It's a story of GenXer working hard to balance their commitment to creative lives all while keeping the lights on.


Featured Video:

Cadillac Tramps "Life On The Edge"

Michael "Gabby" Gaborno and Jon Wickersham met in rehab in 1987 and formed the Cadillac Tramps, a band that would prove to be one of the most influential and important bands out of Orange County.  They had their ups and downs over their 30 years together (ending in 2017 with the death of Gabby) but they left the world a feature length documentary about their story as well as a double album of their most beloved tracks.

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