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We are so happy to know so many truly talented visual artists at the top of their game.  As we all know, being talented doesn't always make you great at self promotion, and who wants to self promote anyway!  Here we will feature guest artists and offer an exclusive, limited addition ecofriendly t-shirt for one of their amazing works of art.  50% of profits going directly to the artist.  Awesome .

Welcome to the Artist Collective Page!

Blue back Nancy 2019.jpg

Nancy Hunt, Santa Monica California

Age: Timeless

Sign: Libra

Left Handed

Nancy Hunt uses style and self-expression to bring people together. She took inspiration from her time in theater, seeing first tours of Herman’s Hermits (with the Who), the Stones, Beatles, Iggy, Ziggy Stardust, and more, and from her time in 1970 London. In 1976, she started the legendary punk store Na Na Trading Co., sewing clothes, creating an outlet for other creators, and for close to 25 years providing the wardrobe for musicians, artists, and other ne’er-do-wells from clothes to footwear - Na Na became famous for their own line of shoes and boots and were also the first to import and distributed nearly all Doc Martins sold in the US. Nancy’s legacy is the family of employees that called Na Na home and remain close to this day. In 2001, Nancy opened Brat, a clothing and gift store that encourages style to make every day a celebration.

Kevin 2.jpg

Kevin Statham, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Age: 57

Sign: Gemini

Right Handed but I play Hockey left handed

I have been at the front of the stage shooting entertainers for over 30 years. I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen a lot. I prefer musicians who put on a show.  The Cadillac Tramps knew how to put on a show.  I want to capture the energy that happens in that fraction of a second when I push the shutter.  If you just stand there and stare at your shoes, I have no interest in taking your photo.  My images have been published and broadcast around the world.  People keep asking me when I am going to do a book…I keep telling them, “next year”.  But this time I really mean it…..maybe.


A.J. Ransdell, Long Beach, California

Age: 54

Sign: Cancer

Left Handed by force

A.J. Ransdell is a musician and artist by passion and a major motion picture prop maker by trade who's last few films were the "Avatar" sequels and "Tenet" by director Christopher Nolan. His band Das Klown was established in North Hollywood in the late Eighties and released six full length albums before call it quits.  He was also in the band "Wrong Beach" who released their full length "Last Ride" in 2012.  When he is not building props, he currently flexes his creative muscles painting, and enjoys "nap roulette" and playing with his dogs.

AJ 2
Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 6.08.56 PM.png

Carmen Rimple, Moses Lake Washington

Age: 40

Sign: Cancer

Left Handed

I am Carmen Rimple.  I guess I have always been creative and I've always loved music.  I like seeing the way music inspires art and it's exciting that my own work as an artist could have a part to play in that. I feel like I can really  help bridge the gap between the music artist and their audience and there is a great sense of pride and accomplishment for me when I see a music fan wearing art that I created, to show the world their devotion. Plus my work introduces me to some really amazing rock n roll music in the process!

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